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Diynamic at Electric Brixton, using new 5ft Cubes


Clouds at event by League Events in Sacremento US


Meet the Streets in Netherlands, mix-tapes look really good here!


Leds work well in the Disc-shaped branded inflatables


Cubes Looking good in Diynamic club in Germany


A selection of September comissions


Strange request for late summer but these inflatable cable cars looked cool!


The Free-standing Jesus of Rio de Janerio was an uncommon request, but it worked well, it was for the Danish Clubfoam..not a church

jesus, inflatable

Nice sized logo inflatables with print on both sides..the internal LED made it look really interesting


Custom Hanging Inflatables

logo, inflatable

Floor-based Inflatable cubes

ImageImage 1
These can be either plain as shown, which is good for projections or printed on 4 sides, good for stages we thought, heavy duty fan with colour leds.

A nice photo of some of the standard themed items. The white one is a cloud with Lightning strike..This was at Ultra Europe in Slovenia, they throw fantastic gigs!


Candysticks & Lollipop inflatables


Disc-shaped branded inflatable


Logo branded inflatable cube


2 Inflatable free-standing columns with colour LEDs


House Party 5 sided inflatable cube

Inflatable Hearts in action