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For your Inflatable

We can easily add lighting to your inflatable, our standard lamp on all new inflatables is a 16 colour Led lamp with remote control.
The lighting will use the same power source as the fan, so your inflatable will fill with air and light simultaneously.
Please go to
Online Store to purchase Items.
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Led lamp join operation.
This is the standard lamp fitted in all our inflatables at no extra charge.
It comes on when the power is on.
You are able to control the colours and speeds by the included Infra- red controller.
Range is 3-5m
All the colours you will need including ultra-violet blue.
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Movie for wifi coming soon
Another new option is the Wifi controlled RGB LED lamp.
This offers great controlled lighting from your mobile phone or tablet. Using a free app called TUYA which can be downloaded free for Apple or other systems.
A great alternative to DMX lighting as multiple units can be controlled together and the range wont be effected like the Infra red standard bulb.
It offers functions such as Pulse, strobe with adjustable speed, colour washes and set light changes.
Wifi connection required.
At extra charge to the standard lamp.