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All of the aerial Inflatables are top hung around an internal 150mm mains powered 220v Electric fan.
This fan will continually operate to maintain the air pressure of the inflatable at all times.
This has proven to be the most practical and time efficient method of inflation.
The fans are extremely reliable and will last many years if cared for. Their body is of UPVC structure to keep them light for removal and travelling.
In normal venue circumstances they would be attached to an anchor point like a lighting truss or other sturdy point, by using the supplied D-Ring that is attached to a chain which in turn is attached to the top of the fan unit. On some long or larger inflatables, you will normally need to use extra tether points. We supply eyeletted tags on the inflatable with twine extensions to these larger models.
The domestic power supply will run from above and enter the fan unit at the top. The 10m cable has a 2-pin connector near the fan unit, to help with assembly and unassembly, as this can be detached it means you can positn your inflatables in the venue then go round and attach the cables.
The material we use has been factory treated with a Fire-retardant solution, which enables this product to meet British Standards BS5438. This is one reason our inflatables are made in this way, rather than using balloon PVC which isn't able to be treated in this way.
This also applies to our banners.
One of the best features of our inflatables is that they are so light at between 1.5kg for a normal sized model to around 3kg for a large one. This is why our inflatables are popular with International touring companies, that will often carry inflatables as hand or excess baggage on aircraft.
Yes this is certainly possible using state of the art thermal process 6 colour CMYK printing creating millions of colours. The inks are thermally heated infused into the material to prevent cracking like cheap banners can.
Please send a copy of your artwork or logo for us to evaluate and we'll return to you an impression of what your image would look like on the inflatable. With full size options and costs. No obligation
We also would need to see your artwork to measure for scale.
The Hanging models are NOT suitable for exposed outdoors use, as the are not insulated for this purpose. However they would be fine in Covered stages or marquees, where they would be fitted with the necessary IP44 Ceeform type couplings.

The Freestanding Inflatable Columns are rated to IP65 which means they are have some weather resistance and are safe to be used in suitable areas, though would not be able to tolerate extreme conditions or flooding. The columns would also not endure strong winds.
Yes..all the inflatables include a Colour LED changer Lamps with remote control. You can also specify DMX LED Parcans at extra cost.
The Standard models like Stars, hearts and Lips can be produced in a shorter time span than the models that have printed branding or images.
As a guide the standard models, depending on quantity, can be ready for despatch in around 2-3 days from confirmation.
The printed models would be ready in around 7-10 working days minimum, this is because the print process is more involved than say vinyl banner printing.
Other models like the Jellyfish would take at least one week to produce.
At some times during the year, we are busier than other time which could also effect production times. So please enquire.
Obviously this is totally dependant on your requirements, but as a guideline the 3ft (91cm) Hearts and the basic Lips are the cheapest inflatable at £110 for UK customers.
Branded printed inflatables start at around £200 for UK customers. Prices can be reduced further with discounts for multiple item purchases.
This costs includes the highly reliable electric fan unit and 10m connector cables with plug of your country.
All new inflatables will come fitted with internal lighting of either Slow pulse strobe Lamp or Static white LED lamp.
We had an import a few years ago and it had no fire resistance at all, we put a lighter to it and it went up ferociously.
Our material which is manufactured in China is then treated very expensively in Manchester to British standards for which we are given a certificate which the end user will be able to give to the Health & Safety inspector or Fire officer that may inspect your venue, If you don't have this you could be wasting your money as you will not be allowed to install them.
You may see many of our pictures on Asian websites, just don't be fooled. You will also have to pay VAT on any import from the Far East.
The LED lamps come from the far East.
Yes, one of the advantages of this system is that if you wanted to change your covers for example from Hearts to Suns you wouldn’t have to buy new fan/light units. The covers can simply be exchanged which is much cheaper.
The warranty is 12 months replacement on component failure. We do require the failed component to be returned to us to be assessed. This includes Fan & Light, cable, material (tears on seams only)
I would suggest that you should try and keep inflatables especially white ones away from dirty floors as dust and dirt is easily picked up. If you need to clean them only hand wipe or you’ll remove the Flame-retardant coating.
Please be aware that confetti canons could blow confetti into the fan intakes which could cause the fan to stop and cut out permanently.
Don’t let the fan and lights drop to the floor as this will damage them.