Floor-Standing Inflatables

These are the exception to our other inflatables in that they aren't hanging aerially but are inflated from a floor-based fan unit. These, unlike our others are suitable for outdoor use, being IP44 rated, extreme conditions aren't tolerated.
This inflatable is highly effective for Stage areas, foyers or entrance to venues. They are all supplied with an internal 3 x Colour LED lighting DMX system, which can be daisy chained. They can also be set to Auto-mode or sound sensitive if you are not using DMX control.
Plain Unbranded Columns and Cones
The 244cm tubes are shown here as the Plain unbranded models with colour LED lighting
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Branded Columns
Using our State of the Art printing system, we attain extremely high quality print reproduction on either one or both sides of the Upstanding Inflatable Tube.
These models are recommended in a height of between 2m and 2.7m
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If you require an inflatable tube or cone or other custom model to be used in an outside location, you will need to use this version of the base fan unit. Rated to IP44 though not suitable for use in heavy rain or wind, where it should be turned off as water could be sucked in to the fan. Strong wind might blow the inflatable sleeve on its side.
It is lit internally by 3 x 192 RGB leds which is controlled through a DMX 512 controller or can operate in automatic mode by adjusting Dim switches to set sequence.
The units lighting has 6 channels options for
Colour set
Colour fade
Colour chase
Speeds of chase and strobes can be controlled through the DMX controller.
Units can be can be Daisy-chained via the DMX cables. Units can also be hung downwards,
Please enquire for more technical specs.