Seasonal Inflatables

Covering the various seasonal events throughout the year. Christmas, Spring Break, Valentines Day, Easter, Summer Party, halloween.
this is mainly for event companies that like to keep a good stock of seasonal inflatables. We do hire out some of these models but stocks are always limited. Only the models that aren't shown on other pages are here.
All inflatables include standard internal lighting of either a slow pulse strobe or a static white Led lamp.
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A selection of Christmas Baubels Inflatables 3Dimensional models.
Any size from 91cm to 270cm in height (3ft-9ft)
The Snowflake Inflatable is a 2-Dimensional cut-out shape. Some other styles are available.
Any size from 122cm to 152cm in height (4ft-5ft)
The Snowman is a 3d professionally built model.
The Christmas tree Inflatable is a 2 dimensional cut-out, with 3d balls
152cm to 270cm in height (5ft-9ft)
haloween, ghost, haunted house,party
Strictly for Halloween but essential to any party at this time of year. Looks spooky with internal lighting.
122cm w x 91cm h
4ft w x 3ft h
152cm w x 122cm h
5ft w x 4ft h
A 2D Skull head with image on one or both sides.
91cm w x 122cm h
3ft w x 4ft h
122cm w x 152cm h
4ft w x 5ft h