Theme Inflatables
This page is showing various inflatable styles that can be used in different themes.These speak for themselves.
All inflatables include standard internal lighting of either a slow pulse strobe or a static white Led lamp.
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The Ice cream cone Inflatable is a fully 3 Dimensional model.
Any size from 122cm to 360cm in height (4ft-12ft)
The Palm Tree Inflatable is a 2-Dimensional cut-out shape with the design repeated on the back in reverse.
If this were framing a stage or bar it would only need to be printed on one side only, which saves on print costs.
Any size from 122cm to 360cm in height (4ft-12ft)
The Smiley Sun disc inflatable adds the Smiley image to one or both sides.
The Sun Disc Inflatable with a distorted spike giving a flame effect.
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The 3 Dimensional Sunglasses have dimensions of either
182cm w x 91cm h
6ft w x 3ft h
244cm w x 122cm h
8ft w x 4ft h
Choice of colours including Fluorescent.
The Branded Sunglasses are as the plain models but with branding on one or all parts.
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The 80's Music Cassette an Icon of Retro Events.
Printed image could include your own logo or Slogan
182cm w x 75cm h
6ft w x 2.5ft h
244cm w x 91cm h
8ft w x 4ft h
300cm w x 122cm h
10ft w x 4ft h
The Brilliantly Iconic Spacehopper from the 70's
A Globe with ears basically.
Face image can be on One or both sides
91cm w x 91cm h
3ft w x 3ft h
152cm w x 152cm h
5ft w x 5ft h
The Very weird Alien Head, that glows eerily in the dark
182cm h to 360cm h
6ft h to 12ft h
Best when combined with colour-changing LED lamp
The Space Invader Alien from the 80s.
Image one or both sides.
214cm w x 108cm h
7ft w x 3.5ft h
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The Fully printed Poker Chip style Disc makes a great addition to a Casino themed night.
Your own Logo can be used.
91cm w x 91cm h
3ft w x 3ft h
122cm w x 122cm h
4ft w x 4ft h
152cm w x 152cm h
5ft w x 5ft h
This is a 2d model of this famous Bunny. This image is a brand mark so please respect any copyrights. This could also be a Freestanding model

75cm w x 152cm h
2.5ft w x 5ft h
The addition of a stationary mirror ball makes this quite interesting.
The Crown or coronet it one of our own designs. Flouro u.v. colours can be used to make this really bright and vivid
127cm w x 91cm h
4.2ft w x 3ft h -
212cm w x 152cm h
7ft w x 5ft h
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This One-sided mask inflatable looks fantastic in any Latin Carnival or Masquerade themed event.

214cm w x 122cm h
7ft w x 4ft h

The Lollypop just want to lick it!
Disc sizes from 75cm to 152cm
2.5ft to 5ft diameter with the stick to scale