Inflatable Stars
These are modified basic shaped Inflatables that have had Spikey bits added for effect.All inflatables include standard internal lighting of either a slow pulse strobe or a static white Led lamp.
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The GlobeStar Inflatable is a fully 3 Dimensional Sphere with Spikes protruding from all directions.
The normal size of the inner Sphere would be added by approx 13 spikes between 60cm & 91cm
(2ft & 3ft)
The Spikey Disc Inflatable is a 2Dimensional Disc with 8 Spikes protruding from set points along the same axis.
This is the most popular for branded discs, that need an extra spiky effect.
The normal size of the disc would be between 75cm diameter and 150cm.
The spikes would then add between 120cm & 182cm to the original disc diameter.
(4ft & 6ft) So a cheap way of maximising size.
Short Spiked Globestar Inflatables or 'Mine' as its sometimes called are as per its larger brother, but with shorter spikes.
The Sun Disc Inflatable As the Spikey disc but with a distorted spike giving a flame effect.

This is popular with the Smiley face as seen in the Summer Party page. Or can be made plain, as shown for a cheaper addition.